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San Luis Ambulance -  Bike Medic Request Form

SLA Bike Medics

San Luis Ambulance Bike Paramedics are able to respond anywhere inaccessible by standard ambulances and are Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support equipped, providing a high level of care in the pre-hospital setting. All of our Paramedics are California licensed and currently work in San Luis Obispo County full time as emergency 911 paramedics. Our patient-care equipment is compliant with the San Luis Obispo County Emergency Medical Service Agencies guidelines. To request standby service by the Bike Medics please fill out the form below.

Request for Bike Team

San Luis Ambulance believes that serving the community is an honor. Our first priority is to prove the highest quality, cost efficient and prehospital patient care for the residents and visitors of San Luis Obispo County. Please provide us with the following information a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of your event..

Bike Team service is billed at $148.36 per hour with a four (4) hour minimum.

I/We understand that completion of this form constitutes a request for service. Confirmation of service will be determined upon availability of our Bike Team. I understand that notification of service confirmation or denial will be made by email or by phone as far as possible prior to the date of the scheduled event.

Thank you for requesting the San Luis Ambulance Bike Paramedic Team!
Stand-by Request Form 5/98. Revised 1/03, 1/04, 1/05, 04/06, 04/08, 03/12.